Tack and Ward was started in 2015 in my home studio.  You can now find us in a sun filled studio in Brooklyn, NY. I founded this with desire to bring connection between people. I keep the sentiments real for those real life moments and the designs clean and modern with a texture and patina that hopefully makes them feel like little works of art to send a loved one.


Stefanie Wardrep, originally from Atlanta, GA, is the designer behind Tack and Ward. After studying graphic design at the Creative Circus, and working in the agency world I opened up shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn.    I can often be found letterpressing, screenprinting, sewing, or learning a new skill like metal working. Outside of the studio you can find me on a beach with my husband and pup Penny. 


Why the name Tack and Ward?

The name comes from the sailing term for turning or changing direction (tack) and from how you make that turn, either into or against the wind (windward or leeward).  It’s all about changing direction, with or against the wind, going where the wind takes you.