Stefanie Wardrep, originally from Atlanta, GA, is the designer behind Tack and Ward. After studying graphic design at the Creative Circus, and working in the agency world I opened up shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn.    I can often be found letterpressing, screenprinting, sewing, or learning a new skill like metal working. Outside of the studio you can find me on a beach with my husband and pup Penny. 




My goal is to craft beautiful visuals that tell a story through a variety of mediums. Whether it's an identity piece, website, blog, a custom printed piece for a special event, or all of the above, together we will create customized design that will inspire you and your audience.

I see clients as collaborators and have shaped the process in which we work together accordingly. I  will help you identify your unique qualities and from there create beautiful design, imagery, and/or environments that make your story, brand, and/or event come to life. 



The shop is full of goods for your home, accessories, and of course lots of paper. Every product is custom designed and made by hand in the Brooklyn studio.

Inspired by everyday life, travel, and working by hand, I explore new meduims and techniques in an effort to create products that make even the smallest part of your day a bit more beautiful. For process and behind the scenes of the shop as well as studio work please check in over on the blog. 


Why the name Tack and Ward?

It comes from the sailing terms to tack, or turn, windward or leeward. It's about changing directions, with or against the wind. Both take you to a goal ahead.

Like our lives. Like our stories. Like our dreams.

You get the idea.